About Our Products

What can I grow in the Roots Vertical Garden?

With our planters, the posibilities are endless. From tomatoes to green peppers, flowers to lettuce, our planters can grow a variety of items.

What about transplants?

Many of our clients transplant their own plants from the soil to one of our planters. With careful and delicate care, most customers will have little problem transplanting plants into our planter.

What kind of space do I need for my Roots Vertical Garden?

All you need is a balcony, porch, deck, or desk. Any space that is open can fit a variety of our products.

Can I use it to grow indoors?

The Roots Vertical Garden is designed to grow plants outdoors or indoors depending on your own individual scenario. If you are growing our product inside, we reccommend purchasing plants that can grow well in your home environment.

How many plants can I grow?

Each planter is unique. Some planters hold 14 plants, others hold one. Ask us for assistance in choosing the best product for you!

Can I use my own seeds?

Yes, the Roots Vertical Garden is set up so you can add your own seeds to grow from scratch. We sell Johnny’s Selected Seeds because they have been tested in the Roots Vertical Garden, but it is not only limited to these seeds. If you have a question regarding whether certain seeds will work with your Roots Vertical Garden, contact us at info@rootsverticalgardens.com or 585-813-6339.

How long does it take for plants to grow?

This depends on what you are growing, how you plan to grow it, weather conditions, and many other factors. In general, our plants grow just as well as if they were planted directly into the soil.

What is a "handmade item"?

A handmade item is exactly that, an item that is handcrafted by our team. Each of our individual items is made to order, so the item pictured may look slightly different than the one that arrives to your door. If you have any questions or concerns, just ask!